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Diamonds and Scoundrels

My Life in the Jewelry Business

When Adrienne Rubin enters into the jewelry business in 1970s Los Angeles, she is a maverick in a world dominated by men. She soon meets a young hotshot salesman who doesn’t seem to struggle at all, and when he asks her to be his partner, she is excited to join him. She doesn’t know him well, but she does know his father, and she believes he is as trustworthy as the day is long . . .

Diamonds and Scoundrels shows us how a woman in a man’s world, with tenacity and sheer determination, can earn respect and obtain a true sense of accomplishment. Following Rubin’s experiences in the jewelry industry through the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s―with the ups and downs, good guys and bad―this is a tale of personal growth, of how to overcome challenges with courage and resilience. It’s a story for the woman today who, in addition to a rich family life, seeks a self-realized, fulfilling path toward a life well lived.


Diamonds & Scoundrels is an incredible story of a woman who seemingly had it all but craved purpose. Through determination, boldness, entrepreneurial spirit and sheer will, she built a flourishing business, smashed barriers and proved that no dream is out of reach if you simply refuse to quit. It’s a story of business, betrayal, justice and even love. Best of all, her story serves as an incredible learning guide for anyone seeking to live life to the fullest, pursue fulfillment, and achieve goals. Diamonds & Scoundrels had me mesmerized, and the real gem in it is Adrienne Rubin.”
—Matt Iseman, host, American Ninja Warrior

Diamonds and Scoundrels is a fascinating story about an extraordinary woman, whom I know personally and admire greatly. She started her own company, naive but full of courage, and was truly ahead of her time, navigating the cutthroat business world in ways that were uncommon for women of that generation. The story is a pleasure to read and proves that success can come to all who persevere.”
—H Dayan, manufacturer, importer of fine jewelry and rare diamonds

“If Diamonds and Scoundrels weren’t real, it would be a romp of a fiction novel! Rubin’s revealing life in the jewelry biz is both an entertaining and informative narrative, from primer to master class on how to create a business, with a lexicon of pitfalls and successes. Adrienne clearly underscores that often we learn more from our failures and misjudgments of character than from our easy wins.”
― Barbara Lazaroff, Designer, Restaurateur, and cofounder of the Wolfgang Puck brand