1. Hollowed out books.
  2. An old vacuum cleaner, old printer, children’s toys — tell family members so these things don’t get tossed out.
  3. Inside a stair tread.
  4. Put cash or valuables in a water-tight container such as a medicine bottle and hide it in the dirt of a plant. Cover with a stone or a pine cone.
  5. Pick a deep drawer and cut a piece of plywood to fit inside to create a false bottom. Hot glue an item that looks as if it belongs there to use as a handle.
  6. Use a child’s room. Criminals don’t look there.
  7. You can hide valuables behind the toe kick in your kitchen cabinets.
  8. Buy a phony container at The Container Store, or make your own.
  9. Bolt a wall safe or a cylinder floor safe in an inconspicuous area. Cover the wall safe with a picture.
  10. Cut the back off the bottom drawer of a desk and shorten it to allow space for storage.
  11. Store cash inside books or in an envelope taped to the back of your headboard.